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Best language for game programming

The definition of the best language to create games really depends.

"The best" in the sense of " the one most games written in " is definitely C/C++. Most of the time (I assume) it's C++, because there is a lot of talk about "rewriting STL for consoles" and STL is C++ only topic.

"The best" in the meaning of " the easiest " is much tougher. Python with PyOpenGL is probably the closest to the idea of "programming language", but there are many tools that allow you to create games in very little time, like FPS Creator. Some of them can't be defined as "languages", but they do get the job done.

Also there are free multi-language game engines, like OGRE, Irrlicht and paid ones like Leadwerks. Those can be used with many different programming languages and greatly simplify game development.

As for Python, the recommended game engine would be Panda3D (it can be used from C/C++ also).