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OpenGL and Cython

Important! You should have Mingw32 installed, see here.


I've seen 100 times increase in speed of GL code in Cython, vs raw PyOpenGL and all I needed to do is write Cython header for OpenGL functions, which alternatively can be found at PySoy's site (see below).


File: test.pyx
# Cython's openGL definitions (can be replaced with PySoy's)
cdef extern from "gl/gl.h":
    ctypedef int           GLint
    ctypedef unsigned int  GLenum
    int GL_POINTS
    cdef void glBegin(GLenum mode)
    cdef void glEnd()
    cdef void glVertex3f(GLfloat x, GLfloat y, GLfloat z)
# End of Cython's openGL definitions

cdef int i
cdef float x
for i in range(10000):
    x = i/1000
Try running the code above in Python (commenting out cdef's) and in Cython - you'll be amazed at Cython's GL speed (it's raw C).

Search google for "cdef void glVertex3i" (with quotes) and ye shall find PySoy's definitions for all functions.

from distutils.core import setup 
from distutils.extension import Extension
from Pyrex.Distutils import build_ext
    name = "TestModule",
        Extension("test", ["test.pyx"], libraries = ['opengl32'])
    cmdclass = {'build_ext': build_ext}
The key thing here is addition of libraries = ['opengl32']. Note that "libopengl32.a" should be in your "C:\MinGW\lib" path, and "gl.h" in "C:\MinGW\include\GL" (they are installed by default with Mingw32).

File: build.bat
python build_ext

Importing math

cdef extern from "math.h":
    float cosf(float theta)
    float sinf(float theta)
    float acosf(float theta)